Your application is our passion

Gebäude_adactech_logoADACTECH Technologies GmbH is an expert for dosing technology. The company is located in Berlin and was founded in 2006 as ADACTECH Dosiertechnik GmbH in Salzburg. ADACTECH possesses long-time experiences in the field of dosing technology. We offer solutions for dosing applications with a continuous product concept, starting with the first idea to the after sales service. Our work philosophy is based on fostering very close and highly-personalized contact with our customers and forming partnerships with the leaders in precision dosing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The customer, and especially his human side, is the focus of our attention. By favouring contacts based on human values, we efficiently target not only the best possible technical solution for your dispensing problems, but also target the manufacturer, the project manager or the plant manager, whose requirements direct the search for a solution. All our products (both mechanised parts and electronic components) are manufactured either in Switzerland, Austria or Germany.

The solution we develop for you can be tested in our laboratory. This allows us to ensure that our proposition matches your requirements. Our client database includes some of the most prestigious names in a variety of fields: automotive, household appliances, high-tech electronics, integrators, pharmaceuticals and even watch industry.