2K Dosing systems

Volumetric multi component dosing systems

ADACMIXADACMIX-SR-2K (for 2K-products)

The ADACMIX-SR-2K was developed for the dosing of 2K products. It is based on the technology of our VDH-SR series of volumetric dispensing valves. The system is driven by our intelligent control ADACBOX-SR-02. Independent of the volume and the mixing ratio the products can be metered by this modular, volumetric dispensing system.

The ADACMIX-SR-2K can be equipped with two dispensing valves of the series VDH-SR regardless of which type (1536, 0910, 25CC or 50CC). It is also possible to use different types. Thus it is possible to meter not only very small but also very big volumes with the right system configuration. The most important parameters like the mixted dosing volume or the dosing time are permanently displayed on the main menu of the control. The type of the dispensing valve and the mixing ratio can easily be programmed. It is possible to meter dots of different volumes but also stripes. ADACTECH provides a static mixer cartridge by default, which is suitable for a multitude of applications. Alternatively dynamic mixer can be adapted to the system.

Download: ADACMIX-SR-2K