Customized solutions

Customized dosing systems and accessories

ADACTECH develops manuel or semi-automatic dispensing units according to customers’ requirements. From bulk (1 to 200 l) to dispensing needles or dispensing pistons, ADACTECH offers entire dosing solutions as single dosing system or as dosing units to be integrated into production lines. ADACTECH offers one-stop product know-how and thus can provide competent consultation for the appropriate dosing technology.


ADACTECH designs and produces customized nozzle units for simultaneous dispensing by multiple dispensing needles. The needles are arranged according to the form and the requirements of the customer. They can be moved horizontally and vertically. All dosing needles feature a very fine flow adjustment and can be exchanged at any time. According to the medium and the application several points can be dispensed simultaneously in less than 1 sec. Linked with a volumetric dispensing valve or with a time-pressure-dispensing valve for simple applications, it is possible to dispense several points with the same, exact volume.


ADACTECH offers customized solutions for recipients. The recipient RES-1000-PNP for example features a quick fastener and an assembly station. It was developed for the dosing of degassed grease and allows for a quick refill and degassing within the required time. As the customer might use different greasing types, we equipped the recipients with a specific, manual coding system to avoid that a recipient is mounted at the wrong station. Additionally, the recipients can be eloxadized in different colors (e.g. depending on the grease) upon request.


This tandem feeding system uses the time-pressure dosing valve DDH-3 to dispense the medium with a stable and continuous feeding pressure. At first, a barrel pump of the type BP-200-PN (up to 200 litres) feeds the operating medium to the 2.5 litres recipients A and B (type RES-2500-PNP) of the tandem feeding system. The recipients are continuously replenished one after the other. Afterwards a high-precision air pressure controller ensures a continuous feeding of the dispensing valve DDH-3 with constant pressure. The system allows for a high dosing accuracy by using a simple dispensing valve.