Micro-dispensing valves for the precision metering of different media


ADACSHOT-Series 500 Standard

Micro dispensing valve for the contactless dispensing by jet or by needle. It is suitable for the precision dosing of filled and unfilled products with a viscosity of up to 2,000,000 mPa.s depending on the model. The valve reaches very short metering times of up to 2,000 cyles/sec.  It is possible to dispens not only drops but also stripes. The shot distance is of 0.1 to several mm, depending on the viscosity and the drop size of the medium. Equipped with hub seat either in hard metal, stainless steel or PEEK and piston in ceramic or hard metal. A heating unit for temperatures up to 120° C (optional). Different heating systems available. The feeding of the medium is carried out by syringe, cartridge, reservoir or barrel. The valve can be controlled by our ADACBOX- 5XXX.

Downloads: ADACSHOT


ADACSHOTAdacshot_Cyano-Series 5XX-YY for anaerobic adhesives

Our series ADACSHOT-5XX-YY was specially designed for the metering of very low viscous and aggressive media like cyanoacrylates or anaerobic adhesives. The valves are equipped with a solvent tank with cleaning function, double fluidics, high-precision self-calibration, connections for divers media, cartridge connections and piston cleaning. With a pressure of up to several 100 bar and a dosing frequence of up to 2,000 Hz over the entire stroke, it is possible to apply the medium also onto smallest parts,  into most narrow gaps and onto rough surfaces with high precision. The metering time is of up to 2,000 cyles/sec. The valves can be controlled by our ADACBOX-5XXX.

Downloads: ADACSHOT

Accessories: reservoirs, drum pumps, feeding tubes, electronic control, dispensing needels, dispensing nozzles, nozzle heating, pistons