Medium preparation, stocking, transport



ADACTECH offers different tanks for the stocking, degassing and/or transport of the medium. All tanks are delivered with safety valve, manometer, filling level control and all connecting fittings for the power supply, except the supply connection which depends on the requirements of the customer.

The tanks of the series PNP (for medium and high viscosities) are equipped with a pressure piston to avoid that compressed air gets in contact with the product, with a hollow piston bar for the venting  of trapped air in the product and with a venting pen. The tanks PNP exist for the following capacities: 1, 1.25 and 2.5 liters. The feeding pressure is of 15 bar max.

The tanks of the series PNB (suitable for low viscosities) are equipped with a bottle made of HDPE or Teflon containing the product to be dosed. The tank pressure encloses and spreads the medium evenly that no pressure piston is needed. The tanks PNB exist for the following capacities: 0.06, 0.24, 0.8, 1 and 2 liters. Apart from that the construction corresponds to the construction of the series PNP.

The tanks of the series PNC are suitable for all viscosities and for all types of cartridges. They permit to meter the medium directly from the cartridge. ADACTECH offers typical cartridge adapters like Lüer-Lock or SEMCO. Also adapters for all other kinds of cartridges are available optionally. These tanks can be delivered in two versions: 65 ml and 350 ml – special versions upon request.

Options: rapid coupling for the feeding of compressed air, precision manometer with/without locking, customized products, e.g. recipient with quick fastener and coding system etc. More information: Customized solution

Downloads: RES–PNB / -PNP / -PNC


In addition to the PNP recipients, ADACTECH offers a high-performance air degassing system for the efficient removal of air pockets. After a retrofitting, the system can be used for all recipients of the type PNP. But also the use for degassing of PNB tanks is possible. Additionally to the ADACVAC, ADACTECH offers a vacuum pump.

Downloads: ADACVAC-1250/2500